Round 4 Winter Series Write Up

The final round of the RORE and Dorset Enduro Winter Warmer series defied storm Eunice thanks to our amazing helpers who came and put the track back up on Saturday. So, at 11am Sunday morning the championship class set off with Dan Richards getting a very impressive holeshot, leaving the rest of the pack to […]

Winter Series Overall Standings

These are provisional, please email with any queries 15 points for 1st, 14 points for 2nd and so forth CHAMPIONSHIP NAME Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total Position BRAD KING 15 15 11 13 43 1st OWEN RICHARDS 14 12   14 40 2nd BRETT ROWLAND 13       13 […]

Winter Series Round 4 Provisional Results

Please email with any queries Series standings will be released at the end of the week once all queries have been dealt with! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\rore_feb22.htm 1 RICKY WIGGINS 01 Champio 15 2 OWEN RICHARDS 01 Champio 14 3 BRAD KING 01 Champio 14 4 DAN GUY 01 Champio 13 5 MORGAN DEAKIN […]

Winter Series Standings after 3 Rounds

These are provisional please contact us via email with any queries. The 4th and final round of the series will be on Sunday 20th February. Details of entry will be released in early January. It will be 4 rounds with 3 to count. 15 points for 1st, 14 for 2nd and so on CHAMPS […]

Winter Series Round 2 – Race Report and Results

Sunday 21st bought cracking weather and a full entry for Round 2 of the Winter Warmer Series at Rogershill for a full 3 hours of action.         First out of the blocks the championship class set off at a pace with Brad King taking the holeshot and checking out, never to be caught. Behind him […]

Winter Series Round 1 – Write and Final results

he battle between Ricky Wiggins and Brad King made for an exciting start to this year’s winter warmer series! Ricky was struggling to keep Brad at bay and in the end his bike started acting up and he was forced to retire. Brad kept it smooth, putting in the fastest lap over the rest of […]

Provisional Results for 24/10/21

These are the provisional results for the first round of the winter series held at Rogershill Raceway on Sunday 24th October. Any queries please email C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\WINTER21_01.htm 1 BRAD KING 01 Champio 12 0 Premier 25 00:13:58 2 OWEN RICHARDS 01 Champio 11 1 Gold 4 00:14:39 3 BRETT ROWLAND 01 Champio […]

Ben Saville Memorial Sprint

The Ben Saville Memorial Sprint Saturday 26th June. In the championship class Dom Thomas set a blinding first test but it did not take Tom Elwood long to warm up, eventually taking the overall lead by 8 seconds as well as the Monsters of Dirt fastest lap of the day. Tom was also the winner of […]

Winter Series Write up and Awards Ceremony Info

The awards ceremony will be on the 26th June which is our next enduro race, The Ben Saville Memorial Sprint. If you cannot make this event then no worries, we also have an enduro practice on the 16th June (wednesday- no mx). For details see events calendar. Final round of what has been a very […]

Winter Series Final Round and standings

Overalls results 25/04/21 Position NAME CLASS LAPS 1 RICKY WIGGINS 01 Champio 17 2 BRAD KING 01 Champio 16 3 DOM THOMAS 01 Champio 16 4 TODD KELLETT 01 Champio 16 5 OWEN RICHARDS 01 Champio 16 6 DANIEL RICHARDS 01 Champio 16 7 ELLIOT DAVIES 01 Champio 15 8 STANLEY WATT 01 Champio 15 […]