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Membership details.

Become a member of our enduro club, RORE!

Membership is not compulsory for practicing or competing at our events but it does come with some great benefits!


  • Email with your name, age and riding class (championship, expert, expert vets, clubman a, clubman b, clubman vets, sportsman and sportsman vets). Subject: 2023 membership.
  • Fee for the year is £20. PayPal details: or bank transfer (Account Name: J H Hall & Sons (farms) Ltd   Sortcode: 600701   Account: 04606221   Type: Business)
  •  Please confirm type of payment with your application email.  


  • ACU affiliation, when applying for your annual license online, set Rogershill Off Road Events, as your primary club and we will approve your membership via email. 
  • A membership card, which can be collected at the next event. This card entitles you to £5 off enduro practice as well as priority entry to practices. (Can only be used once per event and is only valid for the person named on the card).

If you have any questions about the above, please call Emily on 07551007880.

Membership can also be completed in person at any RORE event if you find that easier.