If you are struggling to book into events or sort your ACU license, take a look at the information below. Alternatively please email rogershillracewaybooking@yahoo.com..


Follow the link below for some visual tutorials that will help with navigating the ACU log in. A laptop or computer is easiest as the format is larger.

To Start

With logging in, the password and username are not the same as the old system so just input your ACU registered email address and then click forgotten password.

Reset the password and you should go straight to your new profile.

If this is your first time logging on to the ACU then click Join now and follow the prompts.

One event Licenses

When logged on you need to purchase a one event license before entering the event. (Unless you have started the process of renewing your ACU annual license, then see below).

If you have already tried to enter, click the three dots on the righthand side of the entry and delete the entry form and start again after purchasing a day license.

A day license can be purchased now online via the following steps. 

  1. Log in to your members portal. 
  2. Select view profile. 
  3. On the left-hand side, click One-Event Licenses. 
  4. Select add one-event license. 
  5. Select license type as ENDURO. 
  6. Select the event-
  7. Click next and agree to the declaration and add to basket and checkout. It will remain invalid until checkout is complete. 

How to do your ACU License application

If you have started your ACU annual license application but are still ineligible for event entries, then check the following areas of you profile.

The “ACU Competitor Licenses” section, is it showing current and green?

(Not the front page but the sub tab, can be found by clicking the word “Profile”).

Are there any actions required? If so, click on the section showing a red exclamation mark and follow the prompts.

Check that you have added the license you want to renew on this page also.

Next check the medical documentation tab and that it has been submitted and approved. Ignore the blue writing which asks you to download a form (unless you are over 55). Scroll past to this and complete the form at the bottom.

Also check that your club/team affiliation has been approved by your chosen primary club. Club membership interest should be registered with the club separately before so you are aware of their specific membership process, and this will make the approval process quicker.

Check your member details have been updated and a suitable profile picture added. (no busy backgrounds or side angles).

For 2024

Fingers crossed those of you who applied last year for a 2023 license find this year easier.

Once I have renewed mine, I will update this section with any tips.

Any Issues please email me on rogershillracewaybooking@yahoo.com with any screenshots and I will try my best to help you.