These are the provisional results for the first round of the winter series held at Rogershill Raceway on Sunday 24th October.
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1BRAD KING01 Champio120 Premier2500:13:58
2OWEN RICHARDS01 Champio111 Gold400:14:39
3BRETT ROWLAND01 Champio111 Gold6500:14:25
4DAN GUY01 Champio112 Silver4500:14:37
5MORGAN DEAKIN01 Champio112 Silver300:14:43
6JOSH PLAYER01 Champio93 Bronze200:17:36
1JOHN STANLEY02 Expert111 Gold1400:16:43
2TONY COOK02 Expert111 Gold1700:17:33
3MAX AGAR02 Expert101 Gold15300:16:39
4STANLEY EARLE02 Expert101 Gold5500:17:07
5EDWARD DYNE02 Expert101 Gold12000:17:06
6JASON WRIGHT02 Expert101 Gold2000:17:37
7LEWIS BARFOOT02 Expert101 Gold800:17:30
8GRANT LAMING02 Expert101 Gold3900:18:13
9JAMES BOYCE02 Expert101 Gold2400:17:29
10BORJA MARQUES02 Expert101 Gold1600:17:26
11BEN CHAMLEY02 Expert101 Gold19100:17:54
12JOSHUA TERRY02 Expert92 Silver7000:17:03
1STAN WATT03 O40 Exp111 Gold700:17:08
2GARY MCCOY03 O40 Exp111 Gold2700:17:36
3DAN GROOM03 O40 Exp101 Gold3200:17:55
4SHANE TROTTER03 O40 Exp101 Gold9800:17:39
5DANNY HALL03 O40 Exp101 Gold23200:17:45
6STEVE HARDING03 O40 Exp101 Gold6200:17:52
7MICHAEL EL-AYOUBY03 O40 Exp101 Gold7600:17:58
8DAVE COLES03 O40 Exp102 Silver6300:18:17
9KARL Langford03 O40 Exp102 Silver6000:18:31
10TONI BURROWS03 O40 Exp102 Silver4800:18:54
11MARK ELLIOTT03 O40 Exp92 Silver10700:18:35
12STEVE DAGGER03 O40 Exp92 Silver9900:19:20
1CAMLANN MACDONALD04 Club A101 Gold24600:17:17
2JAMIE MUSCAT04 Club A101 Gold11200:17:36
3FREDDIE DAVIS04 Club A101 Gold5600:17:37
4RHYS TROTTER04 Club A101 Gold3100:17:38
5STUART WILLIAMS04 Club A101 Gold2100:18:11
6HARRY BILLET04 Club A101 Gold24100:18:39
7CALLUM PICKING-REYNALDS04 Club A101 Gold19900:18:26
8OLLIE GRAY04 Club A101 Gold12400:17:56
9GEORGE OLOF04 Club A101 Gold4600:17:56
10ALEX WESTLAKE04 Club A101 Gold9100:17:51
11ED EAMES04 Club A101 Gold3700:18:28
12MARCUS FELTHAM04 Club A101 Gold16800:17:57
13ADAM HUGHES04 Club A101 Gold7800:18:45
14ROSS MORRISON04 Club A101 Gold5400:18:51
15WILLIAM WILSON04 Club A101 Gold10600:18:48
16PETER COLMER04 Club A101 Gold5900:19:09
17ALEX MCGRATH04 Club A92 Silver4900:19:25
18PAUL JONES04 Club A92 Silver3400:18:59
19CHRIS ROWAN04 Club A92 Silver4100:19:26
20RORY SHERLOCK04 Club A92 Silver6400:19:14
21ADRIAN CLIGG04 Club A92 Silver4400:19:10
22ROBERT MORRIS04 Club A92 Silver3800:19:50
23JON DOOR04 Club A92 Silver4200:19:40
24HEDLEY COLE04 Club A82 Silver4000:21:58
1GEORGE COUPER05 Club B101 Gold9400:18:40
2CHARLES TALBOT05 Club B101 Gold11400:18:37
3HARVEY WILKINSON05 Club B101 Gold8100:18:26
4JOE BEAUMONT05 Club B101 Gold3500:17:46
5CHRISTOPHER STANDEN05 Club B101 Gold9200:19:16
6FINLY ABBOTT05 Club B92 Silver12800:18:48
7SAM WARREN05 Club B91 Gold600:19:33
8SHAUN ASH05 Club B91 Gold8500:19:31
9CAMERON COULTER05 Club B91 Gold8200:19:42
10EDWARD SARCHET05 Club B91 Gold10900:20:00
11TED HARRISON05 Club B92 Silver12300:19:59
12MATT HOLLAND05 Club B92 Silver5800:19:40
13HUW WILLIAMS05 Club B92 Silver12200:20:03
14JACK ELLIS05 Club B92 Silver7900:20:35
15DOMINIC CHENNERY05 Club B92 Silver18000:19:33
16TOM HOOPER05 Club B92 Silver18200:20:17
17NICHOLAS MARSHALL-TURNER05 Club B92 Silver8700:20:32
18PATRICK BISHOP05 Club B92 Silver12700:21:16
19STUART STEVENS05 Club B92 Silver8900:21:14
20JOHN HILL05 Club B82 Silver7400:19:46
21TYRONE SPENCER05 Club B82 Silver8300:21:12
22BRADLEY ELSON05 Club B82 Silver11300:19:48
23IAN YEO05 Club B82 Silver7700:20:36
24MARCUS HAMLYN05 Club B82 Silver9500:22:45
25JED WALTHER05 Club B72 Silver22200:21:18
26SAM HARRISON05 Club B72 Silver6700:20:49
27OLIVER SMITH05 Club B63 Bronze9700:28:07
1JUSTIN CADMAN06 O40 Clu101 Gold3000:18:30
2WAYNE PLAYER06 O40 Clu101 Gold5700:18:49
3SIMON THOMAS06 O40 Clu102 Silver1900:19:00
4TITUS BLACKWELL06 O40 Clu91 Gold3300:18:52
5ALAIN MORRIS06 O40 Clu92 Silver16300:18:56
6DARREN CARTER06 O40 Clu92 Silver6100:19:28
7LUKE DEWEY06 O40 Clu92 Silver8400:18:32
8STUART BOWERS06 O40 Clu92 Silver9600:20:14
9LEE BOULDEN06 O40 Clu92 Silver14900:20:17
10MARTIN WOOD06 O40 Clu92 Silver11700:20:02
11MARK ANTHONY LEE06 O40 Clu92 Silver15800:20:02
12PETE NIXEY06 O40 Clu92 Silver8000:20:11
13LEE BURROUGH06 O40 Clu92 Silver18800:19:56
14STEPHEN TAYLOR06 O40 Clu92 Silver10400:20:05
15GERRY OWENS06 O40 Clu92 Silver8800:19:53
16ROB SMITH06 O40 Clu92 Silver10000:19:40
17PAUL OCONNEL06 O40 Clu92 Silver22700:20:15
18JAMES GREEN06 O40 Clu92 Silver10100:20:22
19GRAHAM EKE06 O40 Clu92 Silver14700:20:08
20ROBERT ANDERSON06 O40 Clu92 Silver19700:20:15
21MARK CHADBOURNE06 O40 Clu92 Silver8600:19:34
22ANTONY GUPPY06 O40 Clu92 Silver11000:20:47
23STEPHEN SCOTT06 O40 Clu92 Silver10300:20:31
24DANIEL BOWDEN06 O40 Clu82 Silver17700:20:49
25OLLY ELWORTHY 29806 O40 Clu82 Silver24800:21:25
26DAVID WRIGHT06 O40 Clu73 Bronze7100:22:33
1GLENN DRINKWATER07 O40 Spo91 Gold17200:20:38
2JAMES COUPER07 O40 Spo91 Gold9300:21:21
3STUART AUGUST07 O40 Spo81 Gold6900:21:10
4DAVID MIRACCA07 O40 Spo81 Gold17300:21:22
5MARTYN HOYLE07 O40 Spo81 Gold6600:21:40
6STEVE PLAMER07 O40 Spo81 Gold20400:21:37
7RICHARD BLAND07 O40 Spo81 Gold11800:23:00
8CHRIS DELLO07 O40 Spo72 Silver17100:22:41
9TIM ODOWD07 O40 Spo72 Silver15900:23:36
10NICK WINDSOR07 O40 Spo72 Silver16600:22:34
11MARK HARRISON07 O40 Spo62 Silver17900:23:01
12BILL CALLISTER07 O40 Spo62 Silver19400:22:45
13TONY WALKER07 O40 Spo63 Bronze19800:27:50
14JAMIE GORDON07 O40 Spo53 Bronze16000:30:54
1TOMMY REED08 Sportsm91 Gold18100:19:03
2FINLAY TAYLOR08 Sportsm91 Gold15700:20:30
3CLINTON CARTER08 Sportsm91 Gold13600:20:21
4EDWARD LANGSTON08 Sportsm92 Silver10500:20:51
5JAMES TULLEY08 Sportsm82 Silver14500:21:07
6NATHAN BAXTER08 Sportsm82 Silver13700:20:27
7MACIEJ CAPUTA08 Sportsm82 Silver14400:21:30
8KIERAN BAXTER08 Sportsm82 Silver22100:21:56
9TRISTAN SMITH08 Sportsm82 Silver16400:22:08
10MICHAEL HUNT08 Sportsm82 Silver18600:21:04
11NICHOLAS DAWE08 Sportsm82 Silver15000:21:42
12NIALL MCCROW08 Sportsm82 Silver15400:21:50
13DOMINIC WARD08 Sportsm82 Silver11500:21:39
14CHARLIE GREEN08 Sportsm82 Silver15600:21:54
15JOEY REDING08 Sportsm82 Silver15200:21:44
16JACK LAMBLE08 Sportsm82 Silver19300:23:10
17MARC RAVEN08 Sportsm82 Silver15100:20:58
18MICHAEL DONALDSON08 Sportsm72 Silver5200:21:06
19ADAM SUGRE08 Sportsm72 Silver13900:24:46
20KARL ROCHE08 Sportsm72 Silver9000:23:00
21STU FRANCIS08 Sportsm72 Silver14800:21:57
22MATTHEW SOUTHWICK08 Sportsm72 Silver6800:23:08
23ANTHONY PENWRIGHT08 Sportsm72 Silver13100:24:42
24ANDREW WARD08 Sportsm72 Silver11600:24:14
25LAURA CIOTTE08 Sportsm73 Bronze23000:26:59
26RYAN DUNNING08 Sportsm63 Bronze14600:20:58
27DOMINIC LEE08 Sportsm63 Bronze14000:25:51
28OWEN TIROKE08 Sportsm63 Bronze14300:24:48
29FREDDIE CARTER08 Sportsm63 Bronze3600:22:40
 STEPHEN MULLINER03 O40 Exp89 -DNF-7200:19:16
 JOE CARPENTER05 Club B79 -DNF-1300:21:00
 RICHARD PENNELL07 O40 Spo69 -DNF-17400:22:09
 JOE ELWORTHY05 Club B69 -DNF-22900:20:41
 RICKY WIGGINS01 Champio69 -DNF-2900:13:56
 JULIAN EARLE03 O40 Exp59 -DNF-15500:19:05
 STEVEN VENABLES07 O40 Spo59 -DNF-17600:22:10
 MAX WILMOT07 O40 Spo59 -DNF-7500:23:23
 JASON CONNER02 Expert59 -DNF-4700:17:04
 MARK OSULLIVAN08 Sportsm49 -DNF-14200:25:31
 JAMES RIBBANS04 Club A49 -DNF-10800:20:15
 ARRON GREENAWAY08 Sportsm49 -DNF-13300:25:27
 ROBERT WILSON05 Club B49 -DNF-24400:22:34
 DANIEL HOUGHTON08 Sportsm39 -DNF-17500:21:02
 BRAD PERRETT02 Expert39 -DNF-5100:18:11
 EUAN COULTER02 Expert39 -DNF-1100:18:25
 MARK CORNICK03 O40 Exp39 -DNF-2200:17:43
 ADAM LAMER08 Sportsm29 -DNF-13800:22:43
 MICHAEL BROOKS03 O40 Exp29 -DNF-7300:18:28
 DANIEL WEATHERALL08 Sportsm29 -DNF-13400:41:08
 CURTIS WRIGHT05 Club B19 -DNF-5000:22:22