RORE Summer Series Round 1, 3Hr Hare & Hound

ACU permit No: 56115                                      Start time: 11:00 am


Venue: Rogershill Farm, Briantspuddle, Dorchester, Dorset, DT27HN, this is the postcode to use for SAT NAVs, off the A35 follow signs for Briantspuddle, then you will pick up the Rogershill raceway signs, full directions also at

Course: The course will be approximately 7 miles long and will consist of mixed going suitable for all abilities with hard/easy routes where appropriate.

Sign on will be open from 8:00- 10:30am, Please show a current ACU license at sign on, if no license is shown then you will have to purchase a one event license for £15, regardless! Make sure you arrive in good time as we are using a different timing system.

Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and a parental agreement form must be signed.

Scoring will be via a chip transponder system. At sign on you will be given three chips to place on your number boards, it is your responsibility to ensure they are secured! No scanning but please ride carefully through the timing area as excessive speed will affect the chips ability to be read.

Tech inspection from 9am, all riders must sign on before tech inspection. Push machine to the inspection area and put your bike on the start line immediately after inspection, please remember your stand!

Helmets must be in date and ACU approved!

Fire extinguishers: all riders must have a suitable extinguisher for use when refuelling.

Lights: are not required.

Noise: The FIM standard mx noise limit will be strictly enforced of 96dbs, if your machine does not comply, you will not be allowed to take part. Well packed standard pipes should not be an issue.

Numbers and back grounds: correct number plate back grounds are obligatory, with your race numbers clearly displayed on the front and side plates. Back ground colours are: CHAMPS-red, EXPERT- green, VETS-blue, CLUBMAN- yellow, SPORTSMAN- black

Tyres: free choice front and rear

Safety briefing will be held for all riders at 10:45am, ALL RIDERS MUST ATTEND!

Start: dead engine start, you will be started by class at one-minute intervals. Riders will be permitted to warm engines before the start.

Finish: riders will finish on the chequered flag 3hrs after the start time, 2.5hrs for sportsman class.

Refuelling: refuelling must be carried out only in the permitted refuelling area, engines must be cut and riders must dismount and push their machines into the refuel areas. No spectators, children or pets in the refuelling area.

Exclusions: excessive noise, COURSE CUTTING INCLUDING ONTO THE CROPS, riding anywhere other than the intended course, excessive speed in blue taped walking pace areas, and any other infringement of the sporting code.

Accidents: must be reported to the secretary of the event before you leave the venue. (Emily Hall)

Refreshments: will be available onsite throughout the event, hot and cold drinks and food etc.

Smoking: is not permitted anywhere in or near the pit area.

Dogs: must be strictly kept on leads always!