Any tied positions were awarded to the rider who rode/committed to the most rounds. 
All 3 rounds to count
Prizes for top 3 awarded at the Winter Series or Enduro Practice Sunday 27th November. 
15 points for 1st, 14 points for 2nd…

These are provisional, any queries please email

Ricky Wiggins 1st
Brad King 2nd
Bradley Rowland 4th
Owen Richards 5th
Dan Guy 3rd
Morgan Deakin 5th

Clubman A
Sam Beavin 5th
Stu Williams 4th
Emily Hall 1st
Nick Gifford 2nd
Harvey Wilkinson 3rd
Jonathan Masters 4th

Clubman B
Samuel Baggot 2nd
Ross Curtis 1st
Chris Rowan 3rd
Charlie Blundell 4th

Clubman Vets
Stuart Bowers 3rd
James Green 4th
Mark Chadbourne 1st
Lee Burrough 2nd

Martin Jessop 4th
Jay Baxendale 1st
Cavan Watt 2nd
James Boyce 3rd
Jake Lawrence 5th

Expert Vets
Mark Cornick 3rd
Gary McCoy 3rd
James Drinkwater 1st
Justin Cadman 2nd
Chris Marsh 4th
Shane Trotter 5th

Jake Outrim 1st
Maciej Caputa 3rd
Charlie Green 4th
Nial McCrow 2nd
Dominic Ward 5th
Daniel Davis 5th
Jason Markham 5th

Sportsman Vets
Justin Short 14 15 15 44 1st
Chris Dello 2nd
Tony Walker 4th
Sean Massey 5th
Stuart August 3rd

Tyler Graves 1st
Beau Short 3rd
Freya Drinkwater 2nd
Finlay Taylor 4th
Oakley Draper 4th
Will Life 5th