he battle between Ricky Wiggins and Brad King made for an exciting start to this year’s winter warmer series! Ricky was struggling to keep Brad at bay and in the end his bike started acting up and he was forced to retire. Brad kept it smooth, putting in the fastest lap over the rest of the finishers by over 45 seconds and was the only competitor to finish on 12laps. Second place was Owen Richards who was consistently on pace with every lap time within a minute of each other. Third place was Brett Rowland who got a cracking hole shot but the little 125 needed a few more pit stops!

Max Agar led the expert class for the first few laps until John Stanley got a pass in and led the group for the rest of the race. Tony Cook found a good rhythm after a bad start and finished second. Max slipped to 3rd but still got the fastest lap of the group.

Mark Cornick got the hole shot in the expert vet’s class but had to withdraw with brake issues. Stan Watt was the winner in the end setting the fastest lap of the group by nearly 30 seconds, despite recent injury. Second was Gary McCoy who was the last vet to sneak in on 11 laps. Dan Groom managed to fight back from a bad start keeping his lap times consistent to finish 3rd in the group.

In the clubman A class, Camlann Macdonald got off to a great start and had a great race ending up 10th overall. Jamie Muscat came in second with the young Freddie Davis in third all on 10 laps.

In the clubman B class, it was all going on with lots of swapping places throughout the group. Joe Beaumont took an early lead with some cracking lap times but dropped away leaving George Couper to take the eventual win from Charles Talbot in in second with Harvey Wilkinson getting third despite some crashes. Joe ended up 4th, with Chris Standen in 5th and the young Finly Abbot getting 6th in his first ever hare and hounds, amazing result!

In the clubman mature gentleman’s class, Justin Cadman took off like a scalded cat with Luke Dewey and Wayne Player close behind. Wayne kept the pace and managed to hold on for second. Si Thomas eased his way up to third, nice one grandad!

In the over 40s sportsman Glen “Drinky” Drinkwater was on it from the start, leaving James Couper to take second, Stu August and Dave Miracca  battled it out for the remaining place on the podium and Stu just pipped Dave in the end securing his first podium! Shout out to Jamie Gordon who finished his first hare and hounds, well done mate!

In the sportsman class there were a lot of new riders giving it a go for the first time, but it was Tommy Reid who was the man on the day with his best lap being nearly 1 and a half minutes quicker than the rest of the group. Finlay Taylor was in second, finishing as the fastest sportsman under 30 he has secured himself a nice watch in Memory of James Wright. Clinton Carter finished in third, also managing a very respectable 9 laps. Further back there were lots of battles going on and all bar 4 survived the 3 hours, well done to all of you!

The next round will be on the 21st of November at Rogershill again and the track will be changed as usual to keep it interesting. We had hoped to be at bovington but army exercises were shifted about and we couldn’t get access. However, it’s looking good for a trip back to the sand bowl next November for the 10th anniversary of the James Wright memorial!

Thank you to all who attended this event, we are so pleased another year of winter series has gotten off to a great start. Also, a massive thank you to all the amazing people who come and help! Pete Coles, who would also like to remind those with dodgy wheel bearings to get them fixed! Shane Babey and Craig Redmond for the timing. The track preppers, Dave, Brad, Steff, Stumpy, Jamie and Lauren. Louise King for stepping in and handing out transponders. Our awesome travelling marshals, Justin, Jason, William, Paul, Chris, Si, Paul C and the rest of the lads who kept things flowing.
Shout out to our amazing sponsors, Mito UK based in Poole (Progrip) and VSMX who supply the numbers and gives all proceeds to the air ambulance.

If you are looking for photos, please contact any of the following talented people, Nicholas Guppy, Andy Coombes or Dark Fairy Photography.

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1BRAD KING01 Champio120 Premier2500:13:58 
2OWEN RICHARDS01 Champio111 Gold400:14:39 
3BRETT ROWLAND01 Champio111 Gold6500:14:25 
4DAN GUY01 Champio112 Silver4500:14:37 
5MORGAN DEAKIN01 Champio112 Silver300:14:43 
6JOSH PLAYER01 Champio93 Bronze200:17:36 
1JOHN STANLEY02 Expert111 Gold1400:16:43 
2TONY COOK02 Expert111 Gold1700:17:33 
3MAX AGAR02 Expert101 Gold15300:16:39 
4STANLEY EARLE02 Expert101 Gold5500:17:07 
5EDWARD DYNE02 Expert101 Gold12000:17:06 
6JASON WRIGHT02 Expert101 Gold2000:17:37 
7LEWIS BARFOOT02 Expert101 Gold800:17:30 
8GRANT LAMING02 Expert101 Gold3900:18:13 
9JAMES BOYCE02 Expert101 Gold2400:17:29 
10BORJA MARQUES02 Expert101 Gold1600:17:26 
11BEN CHAMLEY02 Expert101 Gold19100:17:54 
12JOSHUA TERRY02 Expert92 Silver7000:17:03 
1STAN WATT03 O40 Exp111 Gold700:17:08 
2GARY MCCOY03 O40 Exp111 Gold2700:17:36 
3DAN GROOM03 O40 Exp101 Gold3200:17:55 
4SHANE TROTTER03 O40 Exp101 Gold9800:17:39 
5DANNY HALL03 O40 Exp101 Gold23200:17:45 
6STEVE HARDING03 O40 Exp101 Gold6200:17:52 
7MICHAEL EL-AYOUBY03 O40 Exp101 Gold7600:17:58 
8DAVE COLES03 O40 Exp102 Silver6300:18:17 
9KARL Langford03 O40 Exp102 Silver6000:18:31 
10TONI BURROWS03 O40 Exp102 Silver4800:18:54 
11MARK ELLIOTT03 O40 Exp92 Silver10700:18:35 
12STEVE DAGGER03 O40 Exp92 Silver9900:19:20 
1CAMLANN MACDONALD04 Club A101 Gold24600:17:17 
2JAMIE MUSCAT04 Club A101 Gold11200:17:36 
3FREDDIE DAVIS04 Club A101 Gold5600:17:37 
4RHYS TROTTER04 Club A101 Gold3100:17:38 
5STUART WILLIAMS04 Club A101 Gold2100:18:11 
6HARRY BILLET04 Club A101 Gold24100:18:39 
7CALLUM PICKING-REYNALDS04 Club A101 Gold19900:18:26 
8OLLIE GRAY04 Club A101 Gold12400:17:56 
9GEORGE OLOF04 Club A101 Gold4600:17:56 
10ALEX WESTLAKE04 Club A101 Gold9100:17:51 
11ED EAMES04 Club A101 Gold3700:18:28 
12MARCUS FELTHAM04 Club A101 Gold16800:17:57 
13ADAM HUGHES04 Club A101 Gold7800:18:45 
14ROSS MORRISON04 Club A101 Gold5400:18:51 
15WILLIAM WILSON04 Club A101 Gold10600:18:48 
16PETER COLMER04 Club A101 Gold5900:19:09 
17ALEX MCGRATH04 Club A92 Silver4900:19:25 
18PAUL JONES04 Club A92 Silver3400:18:59 
19CHRIS ROWAN04 Club A92 Silver4100:19:26 
20RORY SHERLOCK04 Club A92 Silver6400:19:14 
21ADRIAN CLIGG04 Club A92 Silver4400:19:10 
22ROBERT MORRIS04 Club A92 Silver3800:19:50 
23JON DOOR04 Club A92 Silver4200:19:40 
24HEDLEY COLE04 Club A82 Silver4000:21:58 
1GEORGE COUPER05 Club B101 Gold9400:18:40 
2CHARLES TALBOT05 Club B101 Gold11400:18:37 
3HARVEY WILKINSON05 Club B101 Gold8100:18:26 
4JOE BEAUMONT05 Club B101 Gold3500:17:46 
5CHRISTOPHER STANDEN05 Club B101 Gold9200:19:16 
6FINLY ABBOTT05 Club B92 Silver12800:18:48 
7SAM WARREN05 Club B91 Gold600:19:33 
8SHAUN ASH05 Club B91 Gold8500:19:31 
9CAMERON COULTER05 Club B91 Gold8200:19:42 
10EDWARD SARCHET05 Club B91 Gold10900:20:00 
11TED HARRISON05 Club B92 Silver12300:19:59 
12MATT HOLLAND05 Club B92 Silver5800:19:40 
13HUW WILLIAMS05 Club B92 Silver12200:20:03 
14JACK ELLIS05 Club B92 Silver7900:20:35 
15DOMINIC CHENNERY05 Club B92 Silver18000:19:33 
16TOM HOOPER05 Club B92 Silver18200:20:17 
17NICHOLAS MARSHALL-TURNER05 Club B92 Silver8700:20:32 
18PATRICK BISHOP05 Club B92 Silver12700:21:16 
19STUART STEVENS05 Club B92 Silver8900:21:14 
20JOHN HILL05 Club B82 Silver7400:19:46 
21TYRONE SPENCER05 Club B82 Silver8300:21:12 
22BRADLEY ELSON05 Club B82 Silver11300:19:48 
23IAN YEO05 Club B82 Silver7700:20:36 
24MARCUS HAMLYN05 Club B82 Silver9500:22:45 
25JOE CARPENTER05 Club B72 Silver1300:21:00 
26JED WALTHER05 Club B72 Silver22200:21:18 
27SAM HARRISON05 Club B72 Silver6700:20:49 
28OLIVER SMITH05 Club B63 Bronze9700:28:07 
1JUSTIN CADMAN06 O40 Clu101 Gold3000:18:30 
2WAYNE PLAYER06 O40 Clu101 Gold5700:18:49 
3SIMON THOMAS06 O40 Clu102 Silver1900:19:00 
4TITUS BLACKWELL06 O40 Clu91 Gold3300:18:52 
5ALAIN MORRIS06 O40 Clu92 Silver16300:18:56 
6DARREN CARTER06 O40 Clu92 Silver6100:19:28 
7LUKE DEWEY06 O40 Clu92 Silver8400:18:32 
8STUART BOWERS06 O40 Clu92 Silver9600:20:14 
9LEE BOULDEN06 O40 Clu92 Silver14900:20:17 
10MARTIN WOOD06 O40 Clu92 Silver11700:20:02 
11MARK ANTHONY LEE06 O40 Clu92 Silver15800:20:02 
12PETE NIXEY06 O40 Clu92 Silver8000:20:11 
13LEE BURROUGH06 O40 Clu92 Silver18800:19:56 
14STEPHEN TAYLOR06 O40 Clu92 Silver10400:20:05 
15GERRY OWENS06 O40 Clu92 Silver8800:19:53 
16ROB SMITH06 O40 Clu92 Silver10000:19:40 
17PAUL OCONNEL06 O40 Clu92 Silver22700:20:15 
18JAMES GREEN06 O40 Clu92 Silver10100:20:22 
19GRAHAM EKE06 O40 Clu92 Silver14700:20:08 
20ROBERT ANDERSON06 O40 Clu92 Silver19700:20:15 
21MARK CHADBOURNE06 O40 Clu92 Silver8600:19:34 
22ANTONY GUPPY06 O40 Clu92 Silver11000:20:47 
23STEPHEN SCOTT06 O40 Clu92 Silver10300:20:31 
24DANIEL BOWDEN06 O40 Clu82 Silver17700:20:49 
25OLLY ELWORTHY 29806 O40 Clu82 Silver24800:21:25 
26DAVID WRIGHT06 O40 Clu73 Bronze7100:22:33 
1GLENN DRINKWATER07 O40 Spo91 Gold17200:20:38 
2JAMES COUPER07 O40 Spo91 Gold9300:21:21 
3STUART AUGUST07 O40 Spo81 Gold6900:21:10 
4DAVID MIRACCA07 O40 Spo81 Gold17300:21:22 
5MARTYN HOYLE07 O40 Spo81 Gold6600:21:40 
6STEVE PLAMER07 O40 Spo81 Gold20400:21:37 
7RICHARD BLAND07 O40 Spo81 Gold11800:23:00 
8CHRIS DELLO07 O40 Spo72 Silver17100:22:41 
9TIM ODOWD07 O40 Spo72 Silver15900:23:36 
10NICK WINDSOR07 O40 Spo72 Silver16600:22:34 
11MARK HARRISON07 O40 Spo62 Silver17900:23:01 
12BILL CALLISTER07 O40 Spo62 Silver19400:22:45 
13TONY WALKER07 O40 Spo63 Bronze19800:27:50 
14JAMIE GORDON07 O40 Spo53 Bronze16000:30:54 
1TOMMY REED08 Sportsm91 Gold18100:19:03 
2FINLAY TAYLOR08 Sportsm91 Gold15700:20:30 
3CLINTON CARTER08 Sportsm91 Gold13600:20:21 
4EDWARD LANGSTON08 Sportsm92 Silver10500:20:51 
5JAMES TULLEY08 Sportsm82 Silver14500:21:07 
6NATHAN BAXTER08 Sportsm82 Silver13700:20:27 
7MACIEJ CAPUTA08 Sportsm82 Silver14400:21:30 
8KIERAN BAXTER08 Sportsm82 Silver22100:21:56 
9TRISTAN SMITH08 Sportsm82 Silver16400:22:08 
10MICHAEL HUNT08 Sportsm82 Silver18600:21:04 
11NICHOLAS DAWE08 Sportsm82 Silver15000:21:42 
12NIALL MCCROW08 Sportsm82 Silver15400:21:50 
13DOMINIC WARD08 Sportsm82 Silver11500:21:39 
14CHARLIE GREEN08 Sportsm82 Silver15600:21:54 
15JOEY REDING08 Sportsm82 Silver15200:21:44 
16JACK LAMBLE08 Sportsm82 Silver19300:23:10 
17MARC RAVEN08 Sportsm82 Silver15100:20:58 
18MICHAEL DONALDSON08 Sportsm72 Silver5200:21:06 
19ADAM SUGRE08 Sportsm72 Silver13900:24:46 
20KARL ROCHE08 Sportsm72 Silver9000:23:00 
21STU FRANCIS08 Sportsm72 Silver14800:21:57 
22MATTHEW SOUTHWICK08 Sportsm72 Silver6800:23:08 
23ANTHONY PENWRIGHT08 Sportsm72 Silver13100:24:42 
24ANDREW WARD08 Sportsm72 Silver11600:24:14 
25LAURA CIOTTE08 Sportsm73 Bronze23000:26:59 
26RYAN DUNNING08 Sportsm63 Bronze14600:20:58 
27DOMINIC LEE08 Sportsm63 Bronze14000:25:51 
28OWEN TIROKE08 Sportsm63 Bronze14300:24:48 
29FREDDIE CARTER08 Sportsm63 Bronze3600:22:40 
 STEPHEN MULLINER03 O40 Exp89 -DNF-7200:19:16-DNF-
 RICHARD PENNELL07 O40 Spo69 -DNF-17400:22:09-DNF-
 JOE ELWORTHY05 Club B69 -DNF-22900:20:41-DNF-
 RICKY WIGGINS01 Champio69 -DNF-2900:13:56-DNF-
 JULIAN EARLE03 O40 Exp59 -DNF-15500:19:05-DNF-
 STEVEN VENABLES07 O40 Spo59 -DNF-17600:22:10-DNF-
 MAX WILMOT07 O40 Spo59 -DNF-7500:23:23-DNF-
 JASON CONNER02 Expert59 -DNF-4700:17:04-DNF-
 MARK OSULLIVAN08 Sportsm49 -DNF-14200:25:31-DNF-
 JAMES RIBBANS04 Club A49 -DNF-10800:20:15-DNF-
 ARRON GREENAWAY08 Sportsm49 -DNF-13300:25:27-DNF-
 ROBERT WILSON05 Club B49 -DNF-24400:22:34-DNF-
 DANIEL HOUGHTON08 Sportsm39 -DNF-17500:21:02-DNF-
 BRAD PERRETT02 Expert39 -DNF-5100:18:11-DNF-
 EUAN COULTER02 Expert39 -DNF-1100:18:25-DNF-
 MARK CORNICK03 O40 Exp39 -DNF-2200:17:43-DNF-
 ADAM LAMER08 Sportsm29 -DNF-13800:22:43-DNF-
 MICHAEL BROOKS03 O40 Exp29 -DNF-7300:18:28-DNF-
 DANIEL WEATHERALL08 Sportsm29 -DNF-13400:41:08-DNF-
 CURTIS WRIGHT05 Club B19 -DNF-5000:22:22-DNF-